29 March 2008

Mysterious Killer In Your House?

No problem. If you've watched enough thriller flicks you will know that having a body that measures at 34-24-36 will help you stay alive. Somehow you will be overpowered enough by some divine force to kick enough serial killer ass. Nice.

As seen in When a Stranger Calls here, Camillia Belle had enough endurance to give some ass whopping to our unsuspecting serial killer.

After running for what seemed like a good 30 minutes, tossed from one room to another, being dragged down the stairs twice, and strangled for 20 seconds, she could still escape from the clutches of death.

Blondes tend to be unlucky in this department. Even with a nice figure, they get pawned a lot.

Steamy Rose McGowan in Scream :

Yeah they still have the power to deal enough damage, but they still die!

I guess I can safely say that, guys if you have a girlfriend with these measurements, chances are that if you ever get into a fight with them, they're gonna kick your ass big time. Ladies on the other hand, if you fall in these measurements you don't need to ever call the police because you're gonna make it out alive. Unless you're blonde.