31 October 2008

Mr. Bartender, Mr.DJ?

Another sheet from work. Why was I not informed about such service on the work site?

By the way, it is suppose to be "Bar Bender". I'll leave you with a video from Sugar Ray titled "Mr. Bartender"


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29 October 2008

Reload Your Nipple.

Recently I posted "Rainer is going to pierce his right nipple next month" on my Facebook status. A friend had a little chat with me on FB and asked me this knockout of a question.

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25 October 2008

Movie : The Coffin

One advice, DON'T WATCH THIS CRAP ASS OF A MOVIE. I was waiting for a kicker / twist at the end but I got bored 20 minutes into the movie! I kept saying "Oh My God this movie sucks". No one made a fuss of my asshole-ness so I guess everyone was feeling the same way.

Title: The Coffin โลงต่อตาย
Director: Eakkachai Aueklongdhram
Release Date in Thailand: 21st August 2008
Official Website: www.lhongtortai.com

Many Thai people believe that lying down in a coffin is a part of the death-before-dying ritual to prolong one’s life by playing dead. Chris (Ananda Everingham), an architect who is extremely claustrophobic but with hope to lengthen his girlfriend’s (Aki Shibuya)life, Chris decides to overcome his fear by being in the coffin. Zoe (Karen Mok), a nutritionist, takes care of her health religiously. However, only 2 weeks before marrying her fiancé (Andrew Lin), Zoe finds out that she’s in the final stage of lung cancer. Zoe then runs away to Thailand and discovers the coffin ceremony and decides to participate in order to save her own life. Chris and Zoe are confronted by a series of paranormal and terrifying incidents. Both might have to sacrifice their lives to unfold the truth.

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09 October 2008

Vibrator Poker, Sweet.

I was looking through list of items on a machinery sheet when I came across a "Vibrator Poker". I was giggling and thought to myself, what the hell could this be? I've never seen one so I can't explain to you my ever so faithful readers what the hell it is.


Okay thanks to a friend I found out what it actually looks like.

Doesn't the tip remind you of something?

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02 October 2008

How Gmail Is Dramatic

First of all, sorry to whoever got "punk'd" in the last post, thanks for trusting me enough to click my links, and no it did not put anyone's computer into "hang" mode. You just have to know how to exit from it :). You have to admit, at the end of the day everyone had a good laugh and if you didn't, you're a sad sad soul with no humor. Heh.

I mean like, "delete forever" isn't that a bit too dramatic. As if "delete permanently" is not serious enough. They had to involve certain elements of emotions. Let's see other meanings for the word  "forever" :-

Forever = everlastingly, eternally, evermore, perpetually, ceaselessly....

Shit, I can create a song using these words.

Before I go, Selamat Hari Raya to my Muslim friends out there!

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