26 August 2008

Remote Contol is in Sabah!

Okay, for those of you who love to waste precious hours in front of the idiot-box watching Music Videos, you'll be excited to know that Channel [V]'s Remote Control show is in Kota Kinabalu.

VJ Alvey is in town girls. Go wet your pants.

Remote Control [RC] is a show where you request for your favourite music videos to be played after these goons walk up to you and asks you a few questions. This week RC is going to check out cool holiday / hang out spots in Kota Kinabalu.

Only one request from me though. PLEASE for the love of God, do not act like a stupid over excited high school girl when you meet them. It's hard enough that we get crap from certain Malaysians *cough* *cough*, don't give them more ammo.

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What Divers Really Look Like

This is a collection of pictures I got from the net. I've always wondered what a diver looks like after jumping off the diving board. Not pretty at all.


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22 August 2008

Party At The Chua's : Random Shots

This shall be the last episode of this series. These are random shots of the night. Everything you see here shouldn't be tried at home.

This is how the setting looked like before we placed scented candles on the table. It looked awesome if you asked me. Makes me wonder why we Malaysians can't have our wedding receptions at our own backyard like the Mafias.

Beef galore! Before I could take a proper shot it was already half empty.

Some kind of fish dish. Could be butter fish, not that sure, cause my focus was on something else. THE LAMB!

Pasta as an alternative to your normal rice.

Salad that I really whacked as well. Just so you know, I stayed away from the rice.

Ho Ho Ho! I'm not shitting you when I say those two plates were mine! I really had a go at the buffet table. I didn't want to waste precious seconds by making second trips. Why do that when you can have two plates in one seating?

At the end of that food frenzy I was stuffed and fell asleep during this shot. Okay I kid. But I have bionic eyes that are sensitive to blinding lights hence the closed eye lids. Oh and introducing the ever so beautiful Vanessa Chua and her nephew Sean.

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20 August 2008

Party At The Chua's : Pick Your Poison

This post I'm going to talk about drinks. We had so many choices of "poison" that night that it was a bit hard to not want to taste all of it.


Pick your concoction.

The drink station. Where I made frequent trips to.

The famous "Air Lonkang" or "Shrek's Venom" as I like to call it. I can't get enough of this.

What it looks like after mixing it all up.

The culprit.

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Party At The Chua's : Lamb

WARNING, LOTS OF PICTURES! I'm gonna have to divide this into multiple post due to the long entries.

Last weekend the Chua's had a little party thing for their mother who turned, wait maybe I shouldn't say the age. Moving along, it must be an important age to launch such a grand party at your own house. Enjoy the pictures, especially the ones of the LAMB!

Process of Lamb grilling.

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19 August 2008

When You Are Too Lazy To Punch Someone

Get them to punch themselves.

Located at one of the sites. I think it was meant to tell the workers to "punch" their own attendance card. But reading it like that for the first time sent me into laughter.

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15 August 2008

Skin Deep

The beauty of my job is that I get to see some pretty brutal stuff from time to time. Like this one where a guy got cut really deep when a metal rod slip off his hand.

Nice ehy? I had to put the medical dressing on this guy and I'll tell you what, he was as calm as a lion. But the moment I told him we've got to get him to the doctor to get him disinfected with a needle, he starts freaking out.

Weirdest person I've ever came across. Well not weirdest ever! Weirdest at work maybe.

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08 August 2008

Attack of the Cracks

First off. I'm sorry if this happens to be you. I didn't mean to "advertise" you. Just so you know my eyes are in pain, and the image still scars my memory of the view you projected this afternoon at Sabah Trade Center during the PC Fair.


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