11 December 2008

You Remember This Shit?

Milli Vanilli man, damn.

Hahahahhaha, Sorry Milli Vanilli fans, this is just too funny man.

06 December 2008

This Is Not Safe For Deiving

Driving one sunny day, this caught me off guard!

Not clear enough? Your loveable host drove really close and got a better picture, scroll down.

I don't know how safe this shit is man.

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03 December 2008

Obese Dog!

So I was in the car with my friend Dennis driving around Damai area and I caught a glimpse of this wild boar-looking dog! At first I thought it was a boar, and then realized it was a dog when we drove up to it. I mean, what do you have to eat as an animal to get to that size. This dog here clearly looks like a stray dog and from my understanding stray dogs are skinny like Utopian kids.


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28 November 2008

How To Be Dead?

I've always loved this song by Snow Patrol. But I never actually look at the lyrics before. After checking it out this afternoon, I felt like, shit, this is such a hope-giving song. Such a masterpiece.

To bad they don't have a music video for this song but still, enjoy.

Please don't go crazy, if I tell you the truth
No you don't know what happened
And you never will if
You don't listen to me while I talk to the wall
This blanket is freezing, it's been out in the hall
Where you've had me for hours
Till I'm sure what I want
But darling I want the same thing that I wanted before
So sweetheart tell me what's up I won't stop no way
Please keep your hands down
And stop raising your voice
It's hardly what I'd be doing if you gave me a choice
It's a simple suggestion can you give me sometime
So just say yes or no
Why can't you shoulder the blame
Coz both my shoulders are heavy
From the weight of us both
You're a big boy now so let's not talk about growth
You've not heard a single word I have said...
Oh, my God
Please take it easy it can't all be my fault
I haven't made half the mistakes
That you've listed so far
Oh baby let me explain something
It's all down to drugs
At least I remember taking the and not a lot else
It seems I've stepped over lines
You've drawn again and again
But if the ecstacy's in the wit is definitely out
Dr. Jekyll is wrestling Hyde for my pride

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24 November 2008

Football Manager 2009!

Yes! Oh my lovely Football Manager 2009 is out and I'm religiously playing it at the moment. Friend and family, I'm sorry if I can't make it to events for at least 1 month. You have to understand this addiction of mine. :P

FM2009 Trailer.

The greatest job on earth. Indeed.

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08 November 2008

Halloween Aftermath. Rainer's Mayhem.

I just got pictures from the recent Halloween party I attended in Jade. It was awesome. It was my second Halloween party ever.

Anyways, I went as a "Serial Killer cum Rapist" yeah and it was all good. I played my character well I guess, but only towards the end of the night I let it slide. Was getting to drunk to rape/kill anyone.


L to R : V.A [Zombie French Maid], Irtea [Black Witch], Clarisa [Killer Bunny], Cheryl [Count Lyrehc]

L to R : Jacq [French Maid], Avril [Red Riding Hood], Beryl [Teacher]

Jacq and V.A doing a Good version vs Evil version of French Maids

Audrey, Cabrine, [Don't know your name], Fara, Julia

Other People in their Costumes

Osama Bin Flammin`

Osama bin Smoking and DinoPirate

Serial Killer/Rapist , DinoPirate!, Fara the She-Devil, and Julian [as???]

Serial Killer/Rapist, Ken as Ken!, Denis bin Osama, DinoPirate

Serial Killer / Serial Rapist

And after a long day of killing. I like to skin them alive and taste their very flesh.

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05 November 2008

Girls In Boxing Gloves

I took up boxing recently and I find that I kinda like it. When I punch the bag I feel alive. It's like if I get pissed off by a friend or a colleague from work, I imagine that the bag is the person I'm pissed at. BOOM BOOM BOOM.

But what I really want to talk about is girls in boxing gloves. I find it sexy man. Yeah. Why? I do not know why. Maybe its the idea of them having something large on their hands :P

This is Shannon O'Connell, an Australian Boxer. Not quite sure what division she's in but she can spar with me any day, and I'll take the hits. :)

That's it for now, don't forget to rate this post! thanks!

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31 October 2008

Mr. Bartender, Mr.DJ?

Another sheet from work. Why was I not informed about such service on the work site?

By the way, it is suppose to be "Bar Bender". I'll leave you with a video from Sugar Ray titled "Mr. Bartender"


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29 October 2008

Reload Your Nipple.

Recently I posted "Rainer is going to pierce his right nipple next month" on my Facebook status. A friend had a little chat with me on FB and asked me this knockout of a question.

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25 October 2008

Movie : The Coffin

One advice, DON'T WATCH THIS CRAP ASS OF A MOVIE. I was waiting for a kicker / twist at the end but I got bored 20 minutes into the movie! I kept saying "Oh My God this movie sucks". No one made a fuss of my asshole-ness so I guess everyone was feeling the same way.

Title: The Coffin โลงต่อตาย
Director: Eakkachai Aueklongdhram
Release Date in Thailand: 21st August 2008
Official Website: www.lhongtortai.com

Many Thai people believe that lying down in a coffin is a part of the death-before-dying ritual to prolong one’s life by playing dead. Chris (Ananda Everingham), an architect who is extremely claustrophobic but with hope to lengthen his girlfriend’s (Aki Shibuya)life, Chris decides to overcome his fear by being in the coffin. Zoe (Karen Mok), a nutritionist, takes care of her health religiously. However, only 2 weeks before marrying her fiancé (Andrew Lin), Zoe finds out that she’s in the final stage of lung cancer. Zoe then runs away to Thailand and discovers the coffin ceremony and decides to participate in order to save her own life. Chris and Zoe are confronted by a series of paranormal and terrifying incidents. Both might have to sacrifice their lives to unfold the truth.

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09 October 2008

Vibrator Poker, Sweet.

I was looking through list of items on a machinery sheet when I came across a "Vibrator Poker". I was giggling and thought to myself, what the hell could this be? I've never seen one so I can't explain to you my ever so faithful readers what the hell it is.


Okay thanks to a friend I found out what it actually looks like.

Doesn't the tip remind you of something?

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02 October 2008

How Gmail Is Dramatic

First of all, sorry to whoever got "punk'd" in the last post, thanks for trusting me enough to click my links, and no it did not put anyone's computer into "hang" mode. You just have to know how to exit from it :). You have to admit, at the end of the day everyone had a good laugh and if you didn't, you're a sad sad soul with no humor. Heh.

I mean like, "delete forever" isn't that a bit too dramatic. As if "delete permanently" is not serious enough. They had to involve certain elements of emotions. Let's see other meanings for the word  "forever" :-

Forever = everlastingly, eternally, evermore, perpetually, ceaselessly....

Shit, I can create a song using these words.

Before I go, Selamat Hari Raya to my Muslim friends out there!

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23 September 2008

This Will Brighten Your Tuesday Up!

Short entry up front. I'm actually at work, no wait, I'm actually having my lunch break. Taking this opportunity to blog about something crazy.

If you have the time please help me stop all terrorist acts. As we all know, these acts has gone out of hand and people should practice the art of "BROTHERLY LOVE". [P/s Click on link to learn more about this, don't be surprised, brings tears to the eyes. Like seriously. Bad or good, you decide.]

Otherwise everything will go down to flames.

But seriously, people should be more aware of their everyday actions. Don't you realize that if you middle fingered a waiter early in the morning, and really meant it, he might be pissed and do it to the next guy that pisses him off. The next guy will carry this on because it isn't cool to be middle fingered at. This will continue until it reaches somewhere or someone in the middle east causing wars.

"Ackhmed, I need you to be a suicide bomber, that infidel in camouflage overalls middle fingered me!"


"Corporal Adams! Are you going to take that from a terrorist? Never mind what they did to us on 9/11. They middle fingered Lady Liberty!!"

All this is in the name of fun. Don't get all menstrual on me.

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22 September 2008

Day 2 without Nicotine

It is official! I'm dying.

Recently I've made up my mind to stop smoking. It's only day two and I think I'm slowly dying. What happens is the body reacts to the need of nicotine, and since I'm going cold turkey my body is with really taking the massive beating from this need. WISH ME LUCK. I really wanna quit cause I want to have extra $$ :)

14 September 2008

Malaysian Drivers : The Cut Across

If there is one thing that pisses me off, is the way MOST Malaysian drive. In this particular "rant" I'm going to demonstrate "The Cut Across". A skill only made available to stupid drivers.

A recent driving seminar I attended uncovered that majority of women do "The Cut Across" (TCA). That's not the real name for it, it's just something I came up with. Before you girls say, "Oi Rainer, that's bloody sexists!" Keep your panties on, the driving seminar was conducted by a trained female defensive driver. FEMALE.

Where was I? The percentage of people doing TCA on the road on a daily basis is a whopping 58% and a 30% of that amount are women. I don't have anything against female drivers. I JUST HATE STUPID DRIVERS. Some guys make worst drivers too.

Anyway, here are some pictures I came up with to explain what is a TCA.

The red car is someone who is about to come out of a junction 2 to 3 lanes away.

This is where the guy in the green car brakes, honks shouts random swear words that you didn't even know existed.

The worst thing about this is, the guy in the red car wouldn't even look behind, raise a hand and say sorry. He will just take peek, into the rear view mirror. Guy in the green car will take this opportunity to give the "peace sign/ index finger down".

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09 September 2008

A Refreshing Way To Buka Puasa

I was playing frisbee at Tanjung Aru yesterday with my buddy Bryan and the rest of Borneo Bristle Backs.

While doing our warm up throws, I looked across towards the very posh restaurant whose name escapes my very mind at this moment. I see two guys waiting for the buka puasa time before touching their glasses of water, at least that's what it looks like from that distance. I thought this was pretty cool because I know for a fact I couldn't fast for the whole day like they do.

When the clock struck 6.20pm, I caught a glimpse of them drinking water and then signaling the waitress as if to order something. What appears at their table 10 minutes later is going to send confusion to my head enough to disrupt my frisbee plays.

I thought to myself GFG man. That's "Great Fucking Game" to you who don't know how I speak in real life. What a better way to breakfast than chugging down one of the most refreshing drink of all time :)

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06 September 2008

Something, Someone So Random

So I was walking down Gaya Street with a friend and this guy just walked up to me and in one breath starts saying stuff like :-

Hi do you like my break dance? (while dancing)
Do you think you can dance? (more body movement),  
Si Badawi pandai breakdance! (dancing so hard)
Oh My God Let's Breakdance!!!(he got down and start "breaking") 

I was struck in "what the fuck"!? I just chuckled and continued walking with my friend. That's some random shit man and that inspired me to do something pointless as well with :-

p/s Read Rhoenix's before Weirdo's



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26 August 2008

Remote Contol is in Sabah!

Okay, for those of you who love to waste precious hours in front of the idiot-box watching Music Videos, you'll be excited to know that Channel [V]'s Remote Control show is in Kota Kinabalu.

VJ Alvey is in town girls. Go wet your pants.

Remote Control [RC] is a show where you request for your favourite music videos to be played after these goons walk up to you and asks you a few questions. This week RC is going to check out cool holiday / hang out spots in Kota Kinabalu.

Only one request from me though. PLEASE for the love of God, do not act like a stupid over excited high school girl when you meet them. It's hard enough that we get crap from certain Malaysians *cough* *cough*, don't give them more ammo.

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What Divers Really Look Like

This is a collection of pictures I got from the net. I've always wondered what a diver looks like after jumping off the diving board. Not pretty at all.


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22 August 2008

Party At The Chua's : Random Shots

This shall be the last episode of this series. These are random shots of the night. Everything you see here shouldn't be tried at home.

This is how the setting looked like before we placed scented candles on the table. It looked awesome if you asked me. Makes me wonder why we Malaysians can't have our wedding receptions at our own backyard like the Mafias.

Beef galore! Before I could take a proper shot it was already half empty.

Some kind of fish dish. Could be butter fish, not that sure, cause my focus was on something else. THE LAMB!

Pasta as an alternative to your normal rice.

Salad that I really whacked as well. Just so you know, I stayed away from the rice.

Ho Ho Ho! I'm not shitting you when I say those two plates were mine! I really had a go at the buffet table. I didn't want to waste precious seconds by making second trips. Why do that when you can have two plates in one seating?

At the end of that food frenzy I was stuffed and fell asleep during this shot. Okay I kid. But I have bionic eyes that are sensitive to blinding lights hence the closed eye lids. Oh and introducing the ever so beautiful Vanessa Chua and her nephew Sean.

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