23 May 2008

Champions of Europe! Muahaha.


Yeap. We painted Moscow red alright. Champions of Europe 2008. To those who were "cocky" towards me, better luck next season and expect a whole lot of "cockyness" from me for the whole year. It is after all, my bragging rights hehehe.

21 May 2008

Digi vs Celcom = ?

The ongoing battle between telecommunication providers has reached to a ridiculous state. Subscribers don't even know what they're getting themselves into anymore with all the "friends and family", low sms charges, and packages that are just plain confusing.

This here is shut all of that out.

Naeh, these videos are meant to be funny. Who ever takes these videos seriously are meant to be smothered in clown poo.


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17 May 2008

New Starbucks Logo Drawing Different Reaction From Different Parties

Starbucks reverting to their retro look.

Starbucks decided that they would go back to their retro roots with their logo. Unfortunately not many people agrees with this. I'm not so much of a "design and looks" guy, so I don't really care if they ever decide to put a fat guy on their logo just as long as they keep their excellent coffee taste.

But you can't please everyone. A Christian group based in San Diego called "The Resistance" dislikes this new design. The group says "...Has a naked woman on it with her legs spread like a prostitute....The company might as well call themselves Slutbucks". They are also calling out for a national boycott on SB. Yes I shortened that.

Honestly? I laughed when I heard their statement. Give them a break its just a design. Blerghhhh.

P/S I have nothing against fat people. I think you guys are cool. Just cut down on the fried stuff yeah?

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Cute Animals On You Tube

My sister Gwendolyn has gone Youtube crazy this week. Yeah! Her theme revolved around Pandas and Dogs. Her favourite is the famous sneezing panda. OK, I have to admit that after being forced to watch these clips, I think they're a little cute. A little.

Mind control session begins now! I say you will look for more panda clips after this. Yes.

This freakishly looks like a human sneezing. Check the panda out when it thought it was done sneezing.

Last but not least, the sleepy panda. I know many of us has been in this situation. You know, when you want to get your comforter nice and laid out but it just wouldn't?


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16 May 2008

Closest Thing To An Iron Man Suit

EVERY SINGLE BOY who watched Iron Man wanted to be him. I remember growing up and always wished I was Iron Man. Yes, I was never a Spiderman, Batman or Superman fan.

My dreams are one step closer now that Cyberdyne created a HAL exoskeleton.

They should use another male model though.

"Using sensors attached to the skin, the suit supposedly moves effortlessly with your muscles and it has the capability of increasing your strength up to 10 times the norm. It also has a continuous operating time of about 2 hours and 40 minutes."

You can rent this suit for a $1000/month which includes $300 for maintenance and upgrades. At the moment it is not for sale (what!? why!?), we'll just have to wait for further updates on this suit.

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12 May 2008

Champions, Again!

Yes! We're the champions once again. Oh, I'm so bloody happy today. I know there's only going to be one topic in every office today, and that's how we kicked Chelsea's ass this season in the English Premier League.

Hehe, I wouldn't be so cocky if it wasn't for the fans of Chelsea being cocky first. "Oooh we're on your backs and now we're going to snatch the title from under your noses this coming Sunday."

All I have to say to that is, Yeah Right! Look at where your mouth has gotten you, buying me lunch.

The team that brought the title home for the 10th time

Now I leave you with all the goals that led us into the Champions League final. See you in Moscow Chelsea.

09 May 2008

How To Score Dates On Facebook's Sparkey

Sparkey, now this is an application that I love to play around with. It gets you dates (if candidates are within your region) and you also get to see what type of people are into you. It's a good application to mess around with when you're uber bored.

We all know there are more prettier gals out there than there are good looking men. Right? Stop being in denial. Anyhoo, I decided to conduct a research on how to get a perfect score on Sparkey.

How it works is that Sparkey puts up a picture of the opposite sex and asks you "Would You Date ______?" You have 3 options to click which are Yes (let her know), Yes (anonymous) or No. After that you have a choice to leave a reason for wanting to date her or just skip that phase.

After going through hundreds of profile, I've come to the conclusion that you would get reasonable "hits" if you have a pretty face. That's a no brainer there. But if you want hardcore hits, you've got to show some boobage. Yes, ladies you've got to show some milk bags to get a perfect score. Here are some examples.

Boobage presence but not enough. No perfect score.


265/265. That is a perfect score. See where I'm going with this?


Another perfect score. 104/104


And last but not least. My favourite out of this research.

Honestly, I clicked on YES to want to date her. I stated "Sweet Looks" as my reason for wanting to. Her boobage didn't catch my attention, but her stunning looks did. Another perfect score 380/380.


Well there you have it. A short and simple research and what an experience it has been for me hehe. Now go show some skin and get those hits in!!


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06 May 2008

Make Your Own Vegetable Instruments

Ever wanted to make your own instruments but find it nearly impossible? This guy pulled it off. I don't personally know anyone with this much free time, but damn, this is one impressive feat.

This Japanese guy, nicknamed Heita3 on youtube makes his own instruments with materials from his garden or something like that. Here are some of his videos :-

This is Mr. Heita3 introducing his home made instruments.

Mary Had A Little Lamb played by with a Eringi Mushroom!

This is his version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Pretty awesome.

London Bridge Is Falling Down played with a carrot ocarina!

I don't know man, but that's pretty hardcore.

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03 May 2008

Lip gloss Equals Cancer?

(Vladimir Godnik/Getty Images)

Word has it that cheap, fun, non-SPF (Sun Protection Factor) lip gloss can possibly increase your skin cancer risk! Some dermatologists have said that lip gloss helps ultraviolet rays penetrate the already fragile skin of the lips. You can read more on this story here.

This got me thinking. What has the world come to now that we have second hand lip cancer. I mean now I'm paranoid as hell to even want to kiss a girl with lip gloss on. I never liked lip gloss or lip stick to begin with. It feels oily on my lips but I have to admit it does make the opposite sex's lips sexier.

From now on if a girl wearing lip gloss gives me stick for smoking and spreading second hand smoking, I would snap back at her and tell her that she is spreading second hand (lip?) cancer.


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02 May 2008

R.Yong Bringing You Live Engrish/Chinglish #3

In the Island Shop. How could they be so careless.

I sense a great disturbance in this shop.

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