30 June 2008

Espana,Euro 2008 Champions!!

Taken www.soccernet.com

The picture and headline says it all. To all you Portugese / Ronaldo fans, told you they wont make it.

25 June 2008

Good Morning Nation, Why So Serious?

I was swarmed with complaints from friends and family about the "fuel strike" rumor. I mean didn't most of you vote for this? There were long lines again outside of petrol kiosks. Me and Dennis just hung out at EZway after work and waited for the whole mumbo jumbo to die down.

Since you voted for this, I just wanted to say, Well Done Nation, WHY SO SERIOUS?


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23 June 2008

Attack of the Blue Monster!

A short stop motion animation I did back in 2004. It was my 2nd attempt at making a video. I don't care what you say, I felt that for a 2nd try, it was pretty good :)

I'll be creating more videos soon. A new one should be up either tonight or tomorrow.

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Another Life Movie Audition

I was involved in a short movie audition recently. I've always been interested in making short films and now I finally got the chance to be part of one. Well not yet, there's no confirmation that I'll be in the movie, but even if I don't get the part, I'd be happy to lend a hand to the production team.

Here's a little preview of the auditions that took place. I appear somewhere 5:50 - 5:58.

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World Ugliest Dog Contest

I find this contest very cruel and degrading, but it got Gus, a Chinese crested pedigree famous as it won first place.

Gus won the World's Ugliest Dog contest on Saturday at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Northern California, with only 3 legs, 1 eye, and no hair except for a punk like do on top of it's head.

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18 June 2008

What Makes A Great Team?

This whole European Championships has taken its toll on my biological clock. I find myself sleeping at 5am and waking up around 8am for work and then going back to sleep at 6pm up to 12am. Urgh. Hence, the lack of updates.

Today I would like to talk about what makes a great team. Every manager and player has said at one point that the fans are the ones that gives every team that winning edge.

So lets take a look at the fans of the teams that are participating in this summers competition. You decide which set of fans has that winning edge, all comments are welcomed :)

F.Y.I these pictures were taken during the current Euro 2008 competition.

Lets start with Group A

Portugal fan. Adorable.

Czech Republic fan. Nice eyes, and teeth.

Swiss fan. Better than their cheese.

And people said there's no steamy hot Turkish fans.


Group B!!!

Model-like German fan.

Croatian fans. Twins? Yeah keep wishing buddy.

Polish fan. Yum.

Austria fans cosy with each other.


Group C

Dutch fan with big wings, big smile. Did I mention big?

Romanian hot stuff

Italian Mare always better than an Italian Stallion.

All I can say to this France fan is. Ooo Laa Laaa.


Group D

Greece fans all painted up! 

To Russia with love 

Viva La Spain! 

Swedish Fans. Ho ho ho!

Even the security wants to show how competent they are!
Security at Euro 2008

That's about it, do comment and let me know which set of fans you think rocks the most haha. Mine? That Spanish girl is sure enticing. Almost flawless. :o)

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07 June 2008

What A Cool Name.

Maybe not to a guy. Otherwise pretty cool name if I might say so myself.

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06 June 2008

Automatic Mind Set

Three fruits were in the basket. A friend of mine immediately did this.

I was talking to Bryan about some legendary "yellow shirt girl" (will talk about her some other time) and our friend, shouted "hey look at this!" She was so excited about her artwork.

I took this test to 4 other people with two tennis balls and one  papaya. 4 / 5 people constructed the same art and no I'm not going to post the pictures up, that is why you have imagination. Use it.

Based on research, humans think about sex every 6 seconds. So stop using the line "Eyerrr you have a very dirty mind" because you do too.

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The Week I Was Attacked 4 Times

If there is one thing that can scare the bejezus [I know that is not how you spell it, live with it] out of me, it would be frogs/toads. Yes these ugly things are God's rejected projects, I swear.

Last week, frogs decided to attack me at 4 different times. The first attempt was 2 days before the 30th of May, and this was it's hiding spot.

Waiting silently on my electric-gate-motor-thingy

Yeah but that attempt failed cause I saw it and hoped over and into my car like a gazelle. Yeah, I get very gazelle like when I'm under pressure / panic. Rainer 1 - 0 Frog.

On the 30th however I was given a dose of what's to come the whole day. You know those hangers that has a figure of eight shape? Yeah, one of my favourite house pants was hanging outside to dry on that hanger and guess who decided to come by and make itself feel like home?

It's a good thing I told my sister Gwendolyn to pick the dry clothes up. She shot this picture. I'm never going to wear this pants again. She says that things your fear has a way of telling who are afraid of them, and magically they make their way to you. Pants 0 - 1 Frog.

At night we had a little BBQ for Hanafi (you can read on how Rhoenix wished him by click this link) and again they came to attack, TWICE! This is a video of one of the attacks and me acting like a girl, all scared. Thanks to "aunty"

Not one of my macho-ess moment, and now the whole world knows.
Rainer 0 - 1 The world.

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04 June 2008

People That Pissed Me Off Today

I hate people with no consideration. I mean it is bad enough that most Malaysian are bad drivers, now I have to put up with stupid inconsiderate a-holes like these. . .

Sorry for the quality, my N70 has its limitations. 

Yeah this was what it looked like this afternoon. I was on my way out to lunch and I was stuck in a 40 minute jam! W.T.F man. So, I was pissed right? RIGHT? As I inched closer and closer, no wait, as I centimeter-ed myself closer to the cause of all this hell, I cussed all kinds of cuss words. I ran out of them.

Couldn't get a steady shot here. Driving BAH.

It's A-Holes like this make me want to become a road bully. There was a lot of space beside the left lane [emergency lane, well sort of] and they can't even move their bloody cars to that space. I don't care if it is an accident or not. You EFFIN' move biatch!!!!!!

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03 June 2008

Don't Play With Your Food

Yes that famous saying. I'm sure everyone has heard of this from your mother, father or grandparents at one point of your life. All that talk about having a bad stomach ache if you played with your food scared the living hell out of me. I've been a very obedient child growing up but few weeks back I decided to be a little rebellious. . . . .

Step 1 : Look for a Pau

Step 2 : Feel if it is still warm. The warmer the better.

Step 3 : Start peeling the pau from the top.

And there you have it, you're good to go once you're done peeling all that "skin" away. Oh yeah, and no, I did not get a stomach ache.

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