11 December 2008

You Remember This Shit?

Milli Vanilli man, damn.

Hahahahhaha, Sorry Milli Vanilli fans, this is just too funny man.

06 December 2008

This Is Not Safe For Deiving

Driving one sunny day, this caught me off guard!

Not clear enough? Your loveable host drove really close and got a better picture, scroll down.

I don't know how safe this shit is man.

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03 December 2008

Obese Dog!

So I was in the car with my friend Dennis driving around Damai area and I caught a glimpse of this wild boar-looking dog! At first I thought it was a boar, and then realized it was a dog when we drove up to it. I mean, what do you have to eat as an animal to get to that size. This dog here clearly looks like a stray dog and from my understanding stray dogs are skinny like Utopian kids.


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