23 September 2008

This Will Brighten Your Tuesday Up!

Short entry up front. I'm actually at work, no wait, I'm actually having my lunch break. Taking this opportunity to blog about something crazy.

If you have the time please help me stop all terrorist acts. As we all know, these acts has gone out of hand and people should practice the art of "BROTHERLY LOVE". [P/s Click on link to learn more about this, don't be surprised, brings tears to the eyes. Like seriously. Bad or good, you decide.]

Otherwise everything will go down to flames.

But seriously, people should be more aware of their everyday actions. Don't you realize that if you middle fingered a waiter early in the morning, and really meant it, he might be pissed and do it to the next guy that pisses him off. The next guy will carry this on because it isn't cool to be middle fingered at. This will continue until it reaches somewhere or someone in the middle east causing wars.

"Ackhmed, I need you to be a suicide bomber, that infidel in camouflage overalls middle fingered me!"


"Corporal Adams! Are you going to take that from a terrorist? Never mind what they did to us on 9/11. They middle fingered Lady Liberty!!"

All this is in the name of fun. Don't get all menstrual on me.

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22 September 2008

Day 2 without Nicotine

It is official! I'm dying.

Recently I've made up my mind to stop smoking. It's only day two and I think I'm slowly dying. What happens is the body reacts to the need of nicotine, and since I'm going cold turkey my body is with really taking the massive beating from this need. WISH ME LUCK. I really wanna quit cause I want to have extra $$ :)

14 September 2008

Malaysian Drivers : The Cut Across

If there is one thing that pisses me off, is the way MOST Malaysian drive. In this particular "rant" I'm going to demonstrate "The Cut Across". A skill only made available to stupid drivers.

A recent driving seminar I attended uncovered that majority of women do "The Cut Across" (TCA). That's not the real name for it, it's just something I came up with. Before you girls say, "Oi Rainer, that's bloody sexists!" Keep your panties on, the driving seminar was conducted by a trained female defensive driver. FEMALE.

Where was I? The percentage of people doing TCA on the road on a daily basis is a whopping 58% and a 30% of that amount are women. I don't have anything against female drivers. I JUST HATE STUPID DRIVERS. Some guys make worst drivers too.

Anyway, here are some pictures I came up with to explain what is a TCA.

The red car is someone who is about to come out of a junction 2 to 3 lanes away.

This is where the guy in the green car brakes, honks shouts random swear words that you didn't even know existed.

The worst thing about this is, the guy in the red car wouldn't even look behind, raise a hand and say sorry. He will just take peek, into the rear view mirror. Guy in the green car will take this opportunity to give the "peace sign/ index finger down".

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09 September 2008

A Refreshing Way To Buka Puasa

I was playing frisbee at Tanjung Aru yesterday with my buddy Bryan and the rest of Borneo Bristle Backs.

While doing our warm up throws, I looked across towards the very posh restaurant whose name escapes my very mind at this moment. I see two guys waiting for the buka puasa time before touching their glasses of water, at least that's what it looks like from that distance. I thought this was pretty cool because I know for a fact I couldn't fast for the whole day like they do.

When the clock struck 6.20pm, I caught a glimpse of them drinking water and then signaling the waitress as if to order something. What appears at their table 10 minutes later is going to send confusion to my head enough to disrupt my frisbee plays.

I thought to myself GFG man. That's "Great Fucking Game" to you who don't know how I speak in real life. What a better way to breakfast than chugging down one of the most refreshing drink of all time :)

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06 September 2008

Something, Someone So Random

So I was walking down Gaya Street with a friend and this guy just walked up to me and in one breath starts saying stuff like :-

Hi do you like my break dance? (while dancing)
Do you think you can dance? (more body movement),  
Si Badawi pandai breakdance! (dancing so hard)
Oh My God Let's Breakdance!!!(he got down and start "breaking") 

I was struck in "what the fuck"!? I just chuckled and continued walking with my friend. That's some random shit man and that inspired me to do something pointless as well with :-

p/s Read Rhoenix's before Weirdo's



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