29 July 2008

Bee Zee

That's what I have been. A side from starting up a new department at the new work place, I've also been involved in a movie shoot! That's right! I'm in the new "Another Life" movie as the main character :P. Another Life is directed and written by non other than the same guy who brought you "Where's my water?", Mr. Shaz.

Part 1 and 2 of Where's My Water?

I know tons of people have been complaining about me not updating. I promise you I shall be bringing you loads of posts henceforth. For the time being enjoy the clips :D

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Haizum said...

Wah! You didn't tell me you got the part! Worth it jugalah you practice breabis di luar tu kan? :P

maslight said...

lol...compy..abis sudah shooting..tulah i said uncle lacking updates hmph

and i'm complaining straight to ur face XP

uh and he created a LDD blog jua..

Xander said...

wow, massy again, ehhe..awesome!

yo Rainer! .Just to let ya know, Check out http://malleus21.wordpress.com on AUGUST 1st 10pm. Awesomeness is coming soon!!