06 December 2008

This Is Not Safe For Deiving

Driving one sunny day, this caught me off guard!

Not clear enough? Your loveable host drove really close and got a better picture, scroll down.

I don't know how safe this shit is man.

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bryan said...

Haha I saw this the day before I left. Too far away for me to snap a pic tho.

"No definitions were found for deiving."

Rainer Yong said...

hahah famous car now :P

V said...

"u mean alot to me"..."i really mean alot to u?" "girl, u know it's true".hahaha.... hey but this is still a good song for the 80's kan Rainer...kitarang ni kan number 1 fans of em dulu lol :p hi-5! :)

V said...

oops that comment earlier was supposed to be for Milli Vanilli!! terus bingung nanti org...lol :p