02 October 2008

How Gmail Is Dramatic

First of all, sorry to whoever got "punk'd" in the last post, thanks for trusting me enough to click my links, and no it did not put anyone's computer into "hang" mode. You just have to know how to exit from it :). You have to admit, at the end of the day everyone had a good laugh and if you didn't, you're a sad sad soul with no humor. Heh.

I mean like, "delete forever" isn't that a bit too dramatic. As if "delete permanently" is not serious enough. They had to involve certain elements of emotions. Let's see other meanings for the word  "forever" :-

Forever = everlastingly, eternally, evermore, perpetually, ceaselessly....

Shit, I can create a song using these words.

Before I go, Selamat Hari Raya to my Muslim friends out there!

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maslight said...

LOL yeah mmg pun dramatic

Gallivanter said...

Delete Forever....ok what GMail. Hotmail would probably use "Delete Forever & Ever Amen"