23 September 2008

This Will Brighten Your Tuesday Up!

Short entry up front. I'm actually at work, no wait, I'm actually having my lunch break. Taking this opportunity to blog about something crazy.

If you have the time please help me stop all terrorist acts. As we all know, these acts has gone out of hand and people should practice the art of "BROTHERLY LOVE". [P/s Click on link to learn more about this, don't be surprised, brings tears to the eyes. Like seriously. Bad or good, you decide.]

Otherwise everything will go down to flames.

But seriously, people should be more aware of their everyday actions. Don't you realize that if you middle fingered a waiter early in the morning, and really meant it, he might be pissed and do it to the next guy that pisses him off. The next guy will carry this on because it isn't cool to be middle fingered at. This will continue until it reaches somewhere or someone in the middle east causing wars.

"Ackhmed, I need you to be a suicide bomber, that infidel in camouflage overalls middle fingered me!"


"Corporal Adams! Are you going to take that from a terrorist? Never mind what they did to us on 9/11. They middle fingered Lady Liberty!!"

All this is in the name of fun. Don't get all menstrual on me.

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maslight said...

1 word uncle


I hate u..u're buying me dinner tomorrow!

Daniel Michael Lee said...

buy me Chocolate Donuts at Apple Donut! Nearly destroy my comp and sore my eyes!


Rainer Yong said...

chill chill! dont get excited for the wrong reasons!

LeeHng said...

dude... now i know why they hate u XD

ur link killed my com n my dignity!!! NOOOOoooooooooooo~~~~~

Rainer Yong said...

haha you guys, it did not kill your computer! maybe nearly blinded you guys. but that's about it!

KC said...

Your 'BROTHERLY LOVE' hanged my comp. GFG! XD

julian said...

Ya, not my idea of a joke >:[
Bloody annoying, if I may say so.