15 August 2008

Skin Deep

The beauty of my job is that I get to see some pretty brutal stuff from time to time. Like this one where a guy got cut really deep when a metal rod slip off his hand.

Nice ehy? I had to put the medical dressing on this guy and I'll tell you what, he was as calm as a lion. But the moment I told him we've got to get him to the doctor to get him disinfected with a needle, he starts freaking out.

Weirdest person I've ever came across. Well not weirdest ever! Weirdest at work maybe.

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Joanna Lye said...

skin deep, indeed

cubex said...

sakit geng

maslight said...

Hmmm is the cut near the thumb area ka? @_@ coz there's the thickest blood. Skin tearing is painful indeed.