14 September 2008

Malaysian Drivers : The Cut Across

If there is one thing that pisses me off, is the way MOST Malaysian drive. In this particular "rant" I'm going to demonstrate "The Cut Across". A skill only made available to stupid drivers.

A recent driving seminar I attended uncovered that majority of women do "The Cut Across" (TCA). That's not the real name for it, it's just something I came up with. Before you girls say, "Oi Rainer, that's bloody sexists!" Keep your panties on, the driving seminar was conducted by a trained female defensive driver. FEMALE.

Where was I? The percentage of people doing TCA on the road on a daily basis is a whopping 58% and a 30% of that amount are women. I don't have anything against female drivers. I JUST HATE STUPID DRIVERS. Some guys make worst drivers too.

Anyway, here are some pictures I came up with to explain what is a TCA.

The red car is someone who is about to come out of a junction 2 to 3 lanes away.

This is where the guy in the green car brakes, honks shouts random swear words that you didn't even know existed.

The worst thing about this is, the guy in the red car wouldn't even look behind, raise a hand and say sorry. He will just take peek, into the rear view mirror. Guy in the green car will take this opportunity to give the "peace sign/ index finger down".

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Joanna Lye said...

Most TCA moments i met are usually guys. anyway it sums up that regardless of gender, phailed drivers are phailed

*mlm* u, TCA drivers

Rainer Yong said...

yeah regardless of gender. was just pointing out the stats i got from the seminar :). just 15 minutes ago a GUY pissed me off on the highway.

maslight said...

Oh I hate it when ppl do that. masuk mengejut. =_=" i'm those ppl yang break berabis and honk berabis @_@

Haizum said...

Geez. Pretty much every driver here in KL is an asshole.

Ahmike said...

This is ok!

You all never see the motorcycle , damn siao man! they ride on opposite lane one.. What if we bang them? they can stil blame us.. KNNB

impedius said...

I've encountered TCA quite a number of times. PISSES ME OFF!!! Especially the part they don't look behind, say sorry ,etc... :-S

kimberly said...

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