09 September 2008

A Refreshing Way To Buka Puasa

I was playing frisbee at Tanjung Aru yesterday with my buddy Bryan and the rest of Borneo Bristle Backs.

While doing our warm up throws, I looked across towards the very posh restaurant whose name escapes my very mind at this moment. I see two guys waiting for the buka puasa time before touching their glasses of water, at least that's what it looks like from that distance. I thought this was pretty cool because I know for a fact I couldn't fast for the whole day like they do.

When the clock struck 6.20pm, I caught a glimpse of them drinking water and then signaling the waitress as if to order something. What appears at their table 10 minutes later is going to send confusion to my head enough to disrupt my frisbee plays.

I thought to myself GFG man. That's "Great Fucking Game" to you who don't know how I speak in real life. What a better way to breakfast than chugging down one of the most refreshing drink of all time :)

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maslight said...

OMG uber GG uncle

BLue said...

GGRR, I'm hungry now. See you later

Rainer Yong said...

That's GFG to them.

Fara said...

o_O" baik they all tak payah puasa. Bangang.

xrothe said...

haha...they say all the demons are chained during the month of ramadan. Guess they escaped. HAHA!

LeeHng said...

hehehe... so when r we gonna "buka puasa" like that too? kof kof XD

u been tag.. i mean “awarded”! check out in my place. kekeke