06 September 2008

Something, Someone So Random

So I was walking down Gaya Street with a friend and this guy just walked up to me and in one breath starts saying stuff like :-

Hi do you like my break dance? (while dancing)
Do you think you can dance? (more body movement),  
Si Badawi pandai breakdance! (dancing so hard)
Oh My God Let's Breakdance!!!(he got down and start "breaking") 

I was struck in "what the fuck"!? I just chuckled and continued walking with my friend. That's some random shit man and that inspired me to do something pointless as well with :-

p/s Read Rhoenix's before Weirdo's



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BLue said...

I'm lost -.- jz ignore me. Free on wed night?

maslight said...

hahahahaha u psycho shite u! payback!!!! XD

*kicks~ u juz wait...astaga...kurang asam u uncle!


Rainer Yong said...

hahhaha sabar aunty sabar!

Edgar said...

i am so in the WTF moment now..

Joanna Lye said...


Haizum said...


And I thought the first part of the post was funny.


IRTeA said...

zomg what the hell man

Fara said...

LOL!!! So cute ooo. Aunty wear pinki winky flower. LOLX!!!!! XD XD XD