24 April 2008

How To Save Money With A Piggy Bank

Or in this case, a BanClock.

For about 5985 Yen you too can own this one of a kind clock which in my opinion will help you save money in a long run.

Banclock will not quit screaming unless you feed it's appetite for coins. That right, SCREAMS. I suppose this is a good training for when you want to have a toddler. I'm not sure what is the interval for it to start screaming, but just imagine waking up at night feeding a baby. This how it must feel like.

Either way, it sure is a good way to save money cause you'll be like "It's coming to 3pm! I need to get me some coins!!". What happens when you run out of coins? Get ready to endure long painful hours of irritating noise, or you could always unplug the coin box.

The many colours of Banclock. I personally think the red one is sexy.

Thanks to Impedius for pointing this video out to me :)

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Sir George said...


fie the elf said...

if id prolly just throw in 5 cent coins!

impedius said...

Banclock in youtube ---> http://youtube.com/watch?v=wOMBC2fM8aQ

Can't believe this thing actually exist!