11 April 2008

Shrek's Venom

I was at a friend’s party recently and they had a lot of liqour going around that night it was hard not to ignore them. They had an open bar where you could come up with your own concoction. I didn’t know what to go for so I told the hostess to surprise me and this was what i got.

Tasting it reminded me of a very mild tropical drink with a little kick in it. She told me that it was her first time mixing that drink. When I asked her what is the name of the drink, she said to simply call it Shrek’s Venom.

Blue Curacao
Sapphire Gin
Soda Water
Tropical Mix Fruit Juice

I don’t know how much of everything goes in the mixture because she was secretive, I guess you just have to experiment around those ingredients

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1 comment:

elfiejane said...

i love mixing drinks! damn fun lah