12 May 2008

Champions, Again!

Yes! We're the champions once again. Oh, I'm so bloody happy today. I know there's only going to be one topic in every office today, and that's how we kicked Chelsea's ass this season in the English Premier League.

Hehe, I wouldn't be so cocky if it wasn't for the fans of Chelsea being cocky first. "Oooh we're on your backs and now we're going to snatch the title from under your noses this coming Sunday."

All I have to say to that is, Yeah Right! Look at where your mouth has gotten you, buying me lunch.

The team that brought the title home for the 10th time

Now I leave you with all the goals that led us into the Champions League final. See you in Moscow Chelsea.


Kezerk! said...

glory, glory manutd!!!

fie the elf said...



Rainer Yong said...

fie! dont tell me yer not a united fan!?!?

*worried look*

fie the elf said...


i dont like soccer at all!

but im all for barca coz i think eto'o is hot! hahahah