03 May 2008

Lip gloss Equals Cancer?

(Vladimir Godnik/Getty Images)

Word has it that cheap, fun, non-SPF (Sun Protection Factor) lip gloss can possibly increase your skin cancer risk! Some dermatologists have said that lip gloss helps ultraviolet rays penetrate the already fragile skin of the lips. You can read more on this story here.

This got me thinking. What has the world come to now that we have second hand lip cancer. I mean now I'm paranoid as hell to even want to kiss a girl with lip gloss on. I never liked lip gloss or lip stick to begin with. It feels oily on my lips but I have to admit it does make the opposite sex's lips sexier.

From now on if a girl wearing lip gloss gives me stick for smoking and spreading second hand smoking, I would snap back at her and tell her that she is spreading second hand (lip?) cancer.


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