16 May 2008

Closest Thing To An Iron Man Suit

EVERY SINGLE BOY who watched Iron Man wanted to be him. I remember growing up and always wished I was Iron Man. Yes, I was never a Spiderman, Batman or Superman fan.

My dreams are one step closer now that Cyberdyne created a HAL exoskeleton.

They should use another male model though.

"Using sensors attached to the skin, the suit supposedly moves effortlessly with your muscles and it has the capability of increasing your strength up to 10 times the norm. It also has a continuous operating time of about 2 hours and 40 minutes."

You can rent this suit for a $1000/month which includes $300 for maintenance and upgrades. At the moment it is not for sale (what!? why!?), we'll just have to wait for further updates on this suit.

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Sir George said...


hi-wind said...

I think I should be credit-ed in showing you this piece.


Rainer Yong said...

haha ok ok. everyone, this suit was shown to me by my good buddy, Hi-Wind. there, happy? now gimme my money.