06 May 2008

Make Your Own Vegetable Instruments

Ever wanted to make your own instruments but find it nearly impossible? This guy pulled it off. I don't personally know anyone with this much free time, but damn, this is one impressive feat.

This Japanese guy, nicknamed Heita3 on youtube makes his own instruments with materials from his garden or something like that. Here are some of his videos :-

This is Mr. Heita3 introducing his home made instruments.

Mary Had A Little Lamb played by with a Eringi Mushroom!

This is his version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Pretty awesome.

London Bridge Is Falling Down played with a carrot ocarina!

I don't know man, but that's pretty hardcore.

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tweela said...

Its pretty awesome la but I can't help but laugh! If only because he has so much enthusiasm.

Wonder if it will catch on...

Kezerk! said...

this guy is crazY! haha. Very interesting though.. haha. wonder if i can cut holes in my camera in do the same thing!