06 June 2008

Automatic Mind Set

Three fruits were in the basket. A friend of mine immediately did this.

I was talking to Bryan about some legendary "yellow shirt girl" (will talk about her some other time) and our friend, shouted "hey look at this!" She was so excited about her artwork.

I took this test to 4 other people with two tennis balls and one  papaya. 4 / 5 people constructed the same art and no I'm not going to post the pictures up, that is why you have imagination. Use it.

Based on research, humans think about sex every 6 seconds. So stop using the line "Eyerrr you have a very dirty mind" because you do too.

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maslight said...

Imaginations make life beautiful and colorful Hahhahahaha @_@ sot

impedius said...

hahahaha... I love this post! Good one bro!