06 June 2008

The Week I Was Attacked 4 Times

If there is one thing that can scare the bejezus [I know that is not how you spell it, live with it] out of me, it would be frogs/toads. Yes these ugly things are God's rejected projects, I swear.

Last week, frogs decided to attack me at 4 different times. The first attempt was 2 days before the 30th of May, and this was it's hiding spot.

Waiting silently on my electric-gate-motor-thingy

Yeah but that attempt failed cause I saw it and hoped over and into my car like a gazelle. Yeah, I get very gazelle like when I'm under pressure / panic. Rainer 1 - 0 Frog.

On the 30th however I was given a dose of what's to come the whole day. You know those hangers that has a figure of eight shape? Yeah, one of my favourite house pants was hanging outside to dry on that hanger and guess who decided to come by and make itself feel like home?

It's a good thing I told my sister Gwendolyn to pick the dry clothes up. She shot this picture. I'm never going to wear this pants again. She says that things your fear has a way of telling who are afraid of them, and magically they make their way to you. Pants 0 - 1 Frog.

At night we had a little BBQ for Hanafi (you can read on how Rhoenix wished him by click this link) and again they came to attack, TWICE! This is a video of one of the attacks and me acting like a girl, all scared. Thanks to "aunty"

Not one of my macho-ess moment, and now the whole world knows.
Rainer 0 - 1 The world.

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