04 June 2008

People That Pissed Me Off Today

I hate people with no consideration. I mean it is bad enough that most Malaysian are bad drivers, now I have to put up with stupid inconsiderate a-holes like these. . .

Sorry for the quality, my N70 has its limitations. 

Yeah this was what it looked like this afternoon. I was on my way out to lunch and I was stuck in a 40 minute jam! W.T.F man. So, I was pissed right? RIGHT? As I inched closer and closer, no wait, as I centimeter-ed myself closer to the cause of all this hell, I cussed all kinds of cuss words. I ran out of them.

Couldn't get a steady shot here. Driving BAH.

It's A-Holes like this make me want to become a road bully. There was a lot of space beside the left lane [emergency lane, well sort of] and they can't even move their bloody cars to that space. I don't care if it is an accident or not. You EFFIN' move biatch!!!!!!

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1 comment:

maslight said...

standard ah uncle...try to be stuck in jam for more than an hour gara gara traffic light..sakit ati man