25 June 2008

Good Morning Nation, Why So Serious?

I was swarmed with complaints from friends and family about the "fuel strike" rumor. I mean didn't most of you vote for this? There were long lines again outside of petrol kiosks. Me and Dennis just hung out at EZway after work and waited for the whole mumbo jumbo to die down.

Since you voted for this, I just wanted to say, Well Done Nation, WHY SO SERIOUS?


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maslight said...

uncle i wanna conteng ur face i mean the photo of ur face too XD

KY said...

Hahhaha awesome conteng!

Rainer Yong said...

aunty : do i look like a chalk board to you hmmmm?

ky : thanks bro, haha!

fie the elf said...

was there a strike

xrothe said...

That is why I do not vote. I will not be forced to register my name, for I will lead a revolution.

Screw the people who says even one vote counts. Make your own vote count dipshit.

Viva La Revolucion!

I feel sad that sabahans did what they did when they voted.

Rainer Yong said...

fie : yeah there was. sucks lah, they really got what they wanted imo.

xrothe : yeah bro. i felt that sadness too. haha

Joanna Lye said...

Bawitdaba: Gud Morlin pplz, y so srs?

Pplz: Poliz kate jangen 4 teh lulz loh.